Stay away from The Beach Club in KL, US warns citizens

beach-club-1PETALING JAYA: The US embassy in Kuala Lumpur has warned American citizens to avoid visiting popular nightspot The Beach Club in Jalan P Ramlee, citing what it said were “coordinated drink-spiking” cases targeting foreign nationals.

“This prohibition was not based on one singular event, but was developed after a careful review of historical events associated with this venue,” a statement issued by the embassy said today.

It said the outlet was officially “off-limits” to all American diplomats, following a similar incident in 2015.

The embassy told citizens to avoid any display of wealth such as jewellery and watches, and advised them to be extra cautious when walking or driving at night.

It also advised citizens to stay alert in places frequented by Western tourists.

Today’s notice is the second warning issued by the US embassy, prohibiting its citizens from frequenting The Beach Club.

FMT is awaiting a response from the club.

The US government frequently warns its citizens abroad based on information that they could be the target of attacks.

In 2015, Americans in KL were warned to stay away from Jalan Alor, a street in the popular tourist district of Bukit Bintang, due to fears of a terrorist attack.