Candidates must give 10-day notice to campaign in other constituencies

Perak police chief Hasnan Hassan explains the do’s and don’ts for candidates ahead of the election.

IPOH: Perak police have told candidates to get a permit before holding ceramah sessions during the campaign period.

“Only candidates or their agents can apply for these permits, which do not impose a time restriction on their campaign.

“These permits can be applied for at district headquarters and should be processed almost immediately.

“It would be an offence not to apply for the permit. One permit is needed for each ceramah. Forms can be found at all police stations,” said Perak police chief Hasnan Hassan.

Hasnan also said candidates who wished to campaign in other constituencies would need to give police a 10-day notice.

This would mean, for instance, that an Ipoh Timur candidate would not be allowed to apply for a police permit to speak in Ipoh Barat under Section 24B (4) of the Election Offences Act 1954.

Instead, the Ipoh Timur candidate would need to give police a 10-day notice under Section 9(5) of the Peaceful Assembly Act (PAA) 2012 if he wished to speak in Ipoh Barat.

Hasnan also advised candidates to stop their supporters from marching with them on nomination day.

“We would like to advise against any march before or after nomination day. Supporters are advised to be tactful during their gatherings to support their candidates.

“We also want to avoid any clashes between political parties during their ceramah sessions. They should keep their distance in order to maintain peace.

“This is why we insist that candidates apply for permits before each ceramah so that we can prevent conflicts.”

Hasnan said police were keeping a close watch on 31 state and 19 parliamentary seats identified as potential hotspots.

“We cannot name these hotspots. The numbers may change according to our information and we will categorise these seats according to priority,” he added.

It was recently reported that the Perak police had identified 440 individuals who had the potential to cause chaos in the run-up to the polls.

Hasnan said 85% of 8,709 state police personnel would be deployed statewide to maintain peace and order during the election.

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