‘Bangsar South’ means nothing, give us back ‘Kerinchi’, say residents

KUALA LUMPUR: Some six years ago, Kerinchi was renamed Bangsar South, and it was at that point, residents say, that it began to lose its identity.

For them, the change in landscape due to development was one thing. The change in name, however, was akin to dismissing the area’s historical roots.

Mohd Zaki Harrudin told FMT that “Kerinchi” referred to the name of the people who had migrated there from Indonesia many years ago.

“So I fully agree with Fahmi Fadzil that we change the name of Bangsar South back to Kerinchi,” he said after a Pakatan Harapan (PH) ceramah in Pantai Dalam.

At the ceramah last night, PKR communications director Fahmi Fadzil, who is the PH candidate for Lembah Pantai, said he would push for a change in name as it was part of the area’s heritage.

Ahmad Suhaimi Shamsudin, 40, agreed, saying the name “Bangsar South” meant nothing.

Ahmad, who has lived in the area for 18 years, said he could not understand why Kerinchi was renamed as Bangsar South while the name of the Kerinchi link was maintained.

“By right, the authorities should have sought the views of the people here before allowing the change in name,” he said.

Samiah Sohed says the name ‘Kerinchi’ means something to the people.

Samiah Sohed, who has lived in Kerinchi since the 1970s, said it was important that the name was retained.

She, too, was against the decision to rename the area as Bangsar South.

“What was the point of changing it? When you do that, you wipe out Kerinchi’s history,” the single mother of five said.

She added that many Malays had a special connection to the place as the older generation had played a role in its development through the years.

“The name may not be so glamorous, but it means something to us.”

Nor Ahmad doesn’t want the place to lose its identity.

Nor Ahmad, who works at a logistics company, said even if there was massive development in the area, the Kerinchi name should be retained, even if only for the sake of nostalgia.

“We don’t want this place to lose its identity,” he said.

He added that he didn’t see the point of renaming Kerinchi as Bangsar South when Bangsar, as he told FMT, was “on the other side”.

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