Ipoh MCA tells why it has been lying low

Perak MCA Public Services and Complaints Bureau chairman Jimmy Loh.

IPOH: MCA leaders in the Ipoh Barat and Ipoh Timur constituencies have been notably silent during the campaign period for the May 9 polls, but say they have good reason for doing so: to avoid confrontation with DAP.

Perak MCA Public Services and Complaints Bureau chairman Jimmy Loh told FMT that events and ceramahs had been organised, just on a smaller scale.

“Our leaders organise small sessions with the public, maybe 100 to 200 people, usually in a closed-door environment to avoid any confrontation with DAP leaders who usually hold their ceramahs in public and close to us.

“We also send out our invites at the last minute to keep the opposition from knowing about it,” he said when met at the Perak MCA headquarters here today.

Loh accused DAP of trying to cause trouble by holding ceramahs where MCA leaders planned to hold theirs.

“This is their plan to start arguments and create issues, so this is why we operate silently.

“We want to avoid clashes. Why play dirty like them? Let them propagate their fake news and we will try to address their questions to our crowd.”

DAP leaders had questioned the apparent lack of MCA events in the lead-up to the general election.

The Perak MCA headquarters in Ipoh.

In one of his ceramahs in the state capital, Ipoh Barat candidate M Kulasegaran had asked, “Where is my opponent? Have you seen him?”

Kulasegaran also told the media he had invited his counterpart, MCA’s Dr Cheng Wei Yee, to debate with him on current issues but that Cheng had never showed up.

When met by FMT, DAP’s Ipoh Timur candidate Wong Kah Woh also questioned the whereabouts of his competitor, MCA’s Kathleen Wong Mei Yin.

Wong suggested that MCA was lying low as it had not received enough federal funds to campaign.

However, when asked, Loh said MCA was confident of winning in Tebing Tinggi, Chenderiang, Bercham and Pokok Assam as the party had been well received there so far.

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