Umno warlords out to purge election winners, says Idris

Melaka Umno leader Idris Haron says he is being blamed for Umno’s loss of power in the state. (Bernama pic)

PETALING JAYA: Several Umno “warlords” are attempting to get rid of party candidates who were elected at last month’s general election, in retaliation for the party’s loss of power in the state government, it was alleged today.

State Umno chairman Idris Haron, who faced an attempt to oust him this week, said there was a move to force out elected representatives from party positions in favour of those who had lost at the general election.

He said he was among those being targeted, as being responsible for the loss of state power to Pakatan Harapan.

“As a candidate, I am well-liked by the people but not so by a handful of ‘warlords’ in the Tangga Batu division. It’s not my fault that I won,” he told FMT, without naming anyone.

On Wednesday night, Idris left a committee meeting of Umno Tangga Batu when a committee member urged him to resign as state and divisional leader. The meeting carried on with deputy divisional chief Abu Bakar Mohamad Diah in the chair, and members voted 19-2, with two abstentions, on a no-confidence motion against Idris.

Idris said his detractors wanted him out for failing to maintain Barisan Nasional’s hold on the state government, even though other division chiefs and their deputy heads, who had also suffered general election defeats, were contesting for high positions in the party’s national elections this month.

Idris is contesting a seat in the Supreme Council.

“They also accused me of not being friendly. If that was the case, how could I have won elections four times and remained Umno divisional leader for the last 10 years?” he said.

Idris said there was no provision in the Umno constitution for a no-confidence motion, and he would refer the matter to Umno headquarters. He said the state liaision committee chairman was appointed by the party president.

At the general election Idris was re-elected as assemblyman for Sungai Udang with a majority of 2,229 votes. Abu Bakar, who was previously the Tangga Batu MP, lost in the contest for the Paya Rumput state seat.

Barisan Nasional won only 13 state seats in Melaka, while PH won 15 to form the state government.

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