‘Don’t dare snatch promised post from me’

Anwar Ibrahim addresses PKR members in Kuching today. (Bernama pic)

KUCHING: PKR chief Anwar Ibrahim today urged party members to wait patiently for him to take over from Dr Mahathir Mohamad, adding that the prime minister must be given the opportunity to solve the country’s problems.

He said Mahathir had promised to vacate the prime minister’s post for him when the time is right.

“Don’t anyone dare snatch it away from me,” he said jokingly as quoted by Bernama, after meeting PKR supporters here.

The PKR president-elect also confirmed that a parliamentary seat would soon be vacated to make way for him to contest in a federal seat for his return to Parliament.

“Yes, there are two or three possible seats (to be vacated), but I didn’t know which one.

“Let’s wait for the announcement,” he said.

Anwar meanwhile refuted claims that the party is split into two camps in the run-up to its internal polls.

“There are no camps. There is only one camp. Anwar’s camp,” he said.

In his speech today, Anwar warned party leaders against getting involved in corruption.

“This is a stern warning from me because as long as I am the president of PKR, I will not tolerate corruption,” he said.

“PKR is a party for all…and all leaders should stay united. I will not expel you just because you lose in a party election,” he said.