There’s a reason why we didn’t ratify UN rights treaties, Khairy tells govt

KUALA LUMPUR: Khairy Jamaluddin today asked if the government was aware of the implications of Malaysia ratifying all core United Nations treaties related to human rights.

The Rembau MP also reminded Putrajaya of Article 153 of the Federal Constitution, which gives preference to one ethnic group, adding that it could run contrary to Article 2 of the UN convention calling for full and equal rights and freedom.

“There are reasons why Wisma Putra has not strengthened these conventions on all forms of racial discrimination,” Khairy told the Dewan Rakyat during a discussion on Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s recent speech at the United Nations General Assembly.

In his speech, Mahathir said Malaysia was committed to the principles promoted by the UN including those on human rights.

“It will not be easy for us because Malaysia is multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multicultural and multilingual. We will accord space and time for all to deliberate and to decide freely based on democracy,” the prime minister had said.

Khairy said the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was clear in calling for a limited timeframe on all forms of racial discrimination and to give positive discrimination favouring the minority.

“This will cause an impact if we were to ratify and enforce it as law,” he added.