Sex video issue should not affect party, says Anwar

PKR president Anwar Ibrahim waving at supporters at the Sarawak PKR’s Gawai Raya celebration here, today.

KUCHING: The sex video controversy allegedly involving two PKR politicians should not affect the party, its president, Anwar Ibrahim said today, stressing that the party had gone through similar challenges before.

He said PKR leaders were mature enough in facing the issue.

“The party is not beholden to me or to Azmin or to any individual. There is a cause, and a struggle.”

“As comrades for decades, of course we express our sympathies,” he said at the Sarawak PKR’s Gawai Raya celebration here today.

Anwar said people wanted to know what had happened and the issue had given rise to a lot of speculation and theories by experts in many fields, especially in the media and politics.

However, he said the people should confine themselves to facts before proceeding.

“There must be some hidden hands,” he said. “If it’s hidden, we don’t know (who they are). You should not cast aspersions prior to an investigation.”

“If we don’t have the facts, we should have the humility to acknowledge we do not know beyond what we hear or what we see,” he said.

Anwar said the party would wait for the police to investigate the case before taking any action on PKR Santubong youth chief Haziq Aziz, who has said that he was one of the two men seen having sex in a hotel room in Sandakan. Haziq has alleged that PKR deputy president Azmin Ali was the other man, which Azmin has strongly denied.

“I don’t think we have the capacity to conduct a thorough investigation ourselves, compared to what the police force can do and I have no reason to doubt that because the IGP himself had given categorical assurances that (the investigation) will be professionally conducted,” Anwar said.