Couples must fulfil conditions to go through fast-track divorce, says dept

SHAH ALAM: The fast-track divorce process introduced by the Selangor Shariah Judiciary Department (Jakess) is not merely to end a marriage without steps taken for the couple to reconcile, according to the department.

In a statement here today, it said couples who want to file for divorce will have to meet the counselling officer at the Islamic religious office before they can file their divorce application to the court.

“The filing of divorce cases at the Shariah Court is only after the couple have exhausted all means to save their marriage.”

It said the fast-track process was introduced in 2015 following complaints that the Shariah Court took a long time to settle divorce cases and to reduce bureaucratic red tape for couples who both consented to divorce.

However, it said couples have to fulfil certain terms and conditions to be eligible for the fast track process.

This includes being able to produce complete documents, both parties being present, both consent to the divorce and the court is satisfied with the reasons for the divorce.

The process is also intended to save cost and time and to enable the couples concerned to begin their lives anew quickly without any feelings of animosity for one another, it said.

The statement was issued as the matter was raised by Jelebu MP Jalaludin Alias in Parliament yesterday.

He said it was because of this express divorce process that Selangor had recorded the highest number of divorce cases in the country.