Hikers step forward to help search for Nora

Members of several government agencies are taking part in the search for Nora Anne Quoirin.

NILAI: A group of experienced hikers have joined the search for teenager Nora Anne Quoirin who went missing a week ago while on holiday with her family at a resort in Pantai, near Seremban.

The hikers’ spokesman, Kenny Chan Kai Sian, 43, said the group of 12 hikers began their efforts at 9.30am within a 1km radius of the resort.

Chan, who has plenty of experience hiking up Gunung Berembun, said the search for the 15-year-old Franco-Irish girl was quite challenging due to the unpredictable weather in the area the past few days.

“The trail is muddy and slippery and this is extremely challenging for everyone involved in the search. There are 12 of us (hikers) today and we expect more to join us tomorrow,” he said.

“We were supposed to make another search session this afternoon but we decided to rest and come back refreshed tomorrow,” he told reporters.

Chan urged other hikers who can spare the time to come forward and help.

Members of the Malaysia Crime Prevention Foundation have also been urged to take part in the search. The foundation’s vice-chairman, Lee Lam Thye, urging members to come forward, expressed sympathies with the plight of the victim’s family.

Other members of the public have also been volunteering in the search and rescue efforts. One of them was Ampang Hospital employee Zamila Majlis, 59, who came to donate food and to provide moral support.

“I was born and raised in this village and it so happens that I am back for Aidiladha. So I was compelled to come over and see how the media have been coping.

“There has not been an incident of anyone going missing here for long periods like this before. I pray that she (Nora Anne) is found safe soon, and if there is more voluntary help needed, I am willing to come forward,” she said.

Nora, who has a learning disability, arrived with her family in Malaysia on Aug 3 for a two-week vacation in the country and stayed at the resort before the family discovered she was missing from her room at 8am the next day.

Earlier today, Deputy Inspector-General of Police Mazlan Mansor called on Nora’s parents, Sebastian and Meabh Quoirin. He later joined the rescue team, speaking briefly with the rescuers, and attended their briefing session before the day’s search commenced.

Nora search hotline 

A police hotline at +60-111-228-5058 has been activated to receive information from members of the public in the search for Nora. The hotline is managed by the search operations room at Pantai police station in Seremban.