Give PH some more time, says Penang CM

Penang Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow addresses party members at the DAP convention in Perai today.

BUTTERWORTH: Penang DAP chairman Chow Kon Yeow today urged the people to give Pakatan Harapan (PH) some time as the coalition continues to settle down into a government it inherited from a party that has held it for over six decades.

Chow, who is also the Penang chief minister, said the state had gone through a similar situation in 2008 when the opposition took over from Barisan Nasional – and it had seen continued success in the last 10 years under the tutelage of good leaders.

He said what Malaysia was going through was a period of “stabilisation” and only after that would it be easier for PH to fulfil its election promises.

“I am not saying we are not stable but we are in transition. And as announced yesterday, the PH government has managed to get 60% of its election promises fulfilled. We expect to fulfil the rest in another two years.

“We know we are being tested on how best we can run an effective federal government and to help improve the livelihood of the people. At the same time, we are busy correcting the abuses and weaknesses we inherited from the previous government,” he told the 376 delegates at the Penang DAP convention in Perai today.

Chow, who is also a DAP vice-president, said party members must continue to uphold the policies of the government and vigorously fight misinformation which paints a negative view of how well the PH has fared.

Some of the 376 delegates at the Penang DAP convention.

He said while supporting the government, party members must continue to speak out for the people and object, where necessary, in the same vigour they did when they were in the opposition.

Chow also said party members should raise issues only at meetings and conventions, adding that they should also give the correct information to the people.

“The message should be: Trust in us in Penang DAP and DAP in Malaysia.

“We will prove PH is a government that can bring new hope to Malaysia after years of BN rule, which has left us with so much of bad baggage and bad legacy.

“We must convince our grassroots to face their critics and whatever comments, problems and qualms they have, because that would be a form of important feedback on how people feel about things

“Tell the truth, tell them what we have achieved, to get rid of negative perception on the party and the government,” he said.

Chow also said that with the Penang Transport Master Plan (PTMP) being approved in full and likely to start next year, there are bound to be “alternative voices” from NGOs and communities affected by the project.

“But, as I said earlier, we as party members must be brave to face the challenge and give information to the masses on the real objectives of the projects,” he said.