Budding sitarists impress netizens with unique twist to CNY song

The sitarists used a phone camera to record their performance.

PETALING JAYA: A group of 10 sitarists from a music centre in Section 12, Petaling Jaya, has been making waves on social media with their unique performance of a classic Chinese New Year song.

The popular Chinese New Year tune, Gong Xi Gong Xi, was played on the famed Indian musical instrument by the students of the Swara Community Arts centre.

One of the students, Shaaminee Chandran, said they used a phone camera to record their performance.

It took them about five attempts and some editing to make the entertaining one-minute video.

Shaaminee said they had practised for about a week under the tutelage of their master, Samuel J Dass.

“We did this for fun and never expected it to go viral,” the 30-year-old graphic designer said when contacted.

The group is excited that their hardwork has paid off.

Another student, Satya Subramaniam, said they had recorded a rendition of popular Christmas tunes but had less than 1,000 hits.

“But now we have hit over 40,000 views and 1,600 shares on Facebook with this video which we did not expect,” he said.

Many on social media praised the team’s effort. Facebook user EeLynn Wong said it was a “beautiful” performance, while Daniel Wong described it “as a beautiful gesture and an amazing performance”.