DBKL to protect Saloma Link from the homeless and vandals

Saloma Link is a 370m-long pedestrian bridge from Kampung Baru to a newly-opened area near the Petronas Twin Towers.

KUALA LUMPUR: City Hall enforcement staff will be assigned to protect the new Saloma Link pedestrian bridge to keep the homeless and vandals away from the capital’s new landmark, Federal Territories Minister Khalid Abdul Samad said.

“We established several beautiful places in Kuala Lumpur but eventually that’s where (homeless) hung out. We need to address this problem as soon as possible and bring the homeless to the transit house,” he said.

About 100 enforcement personnel would be assigned on shifts to monitor and patrol the pedestrian bridge as well as the nearby areas such as Jalan Saloma, Jalan P Ramlee and Kampung Baru.

Closed-circuit television cameras would also be installed, he said.

Khalid said problems pertaining to homeless people and vandalism often occurred at the tourist-focused areas and required enforcement action.

Saloma Link, a 370m-long pedestrian bridge, connects Kampung Baru and a newly-opened area near the Petronas Twin Towers.

Only days after it was opened to the public early this month, the pedestrian bridge was reported to have fallen victim to vandals, with rubbish thrown everywhere and turned into a new ‘nest’ by the homeless,

Khalid said the damage had been repaired and urged the public to appreciate and use the public facilities well.

The minister also spoke to reporters about the need for more organisations to take part in an adoption programme for public housing (PA).

He said thus far, seven People’s Public Housing (PPR)s and PAs were involved in the programme including the PA Negeri Sembilan and the PA Perak in Sentul.

The programme which began in December last year, aimed at providing comfort to the people living in the PPRs and PAs, thus addressing the social problems often associated with the areas.