‘PPBM-linked’ FB page named for defaming Malaysian rep of UK-based Rohingya body

Tengku Emma Zuriana Tengku Azmi, the European Rohingya Council’s ambassador to Malaysia. (Youtube pic)

PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian representative of a London-based organisation championing the rights of the Rohingya community is demanding an apology and damages from several Malaysian Facebook administrators over personal attacks in recent xenophobic posts targeting the refugee community.

Tengku Emma Zuriana Tengku Azmi, who is the Malaysian ambassador for the European Rohingya Council, has listed four Facebook pages including Bersatu.tv, a video site believed to be linked to PPBM members, saying they have perpetrated false allegations against her and revealed her personal details.

It is not clear whether the page is officially sanctioned by PPBM, which is currently split between supporters of its president Muhyiddin Yassin, and those aligned with Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Three other Facebook pages are owned by Web Schneider, Ammar Daniel with Abu Hanzal, as well as one bearing the name “32 Juta Rakyat Malaysia Tolak Rohingya”.

Tengku Emma said some of the posts had also revealed personal details including her car plate number and a screenshot of a check on her eligibility to receive financial assistance under the Prihatin economic stimulus package.

She said the pages falsely claimed that she was involved in a conspiracy to accuse the Malaysian government of cruelty against the Rohingya community, after she questioned the move to push back Rohingya boats stranded at sea.

She said the claims had also led to hatred and anxiety “among Malaysians against a fellow Malaysian”.

“On the contrary, she had only urged the Malaysian government to reconsider the action by the security forces both at land and sea to push them (refugees) out to the sea, and to find and rescue them,” said a statement by the council.

The posts by the Facebook pages come amid a spike in online xenophobic comments targeted at Rohingya refugees in Malaysia, which have drawn criticism from religious leaders and rights activists.

The council meanwhile has given the administrators of the Facebook pages seven days to pull down their posts and to pay damages equivalent to the number of likes to their posts, which comes to a total of RM144,808.

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