Sabah Umno claims Warisan is the real ‘backdoor’ govt

Sabah Umno communications chief Ghazalie Ansing says the people knew well of the events in the aftermath of the 14th general election.

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah Umno has shot back at Warisan Youth chief Azis Jamman over his remarks about Perikatan Nasional being a backdoor government, saying the present state government actually better fits the description.

Its communications chief, Ghazalie Ansing, said the people knew well of the events in the aftermath of the 14th general election.

He said Malaysians know that it was Warisan that had “bought” Barisan Nasional assemblymen to join them and, thus, clinched a simple majority to form the state government.

“The Warisan-led government is the real ‘backdoor’ government and no one can deny it.

“So Azis’s remarks telling Umno not to dream about forming a backdoor government in Sabah is akin to spitting in the wind,” he said here today.

Azis, who is Sepanggar MP, had yesterday hit out at Sabah Umno Youth chief Abdul Aziz Julkarnain, telling him to shelve any ideas of his party and his allies in PN forming a “backdoor” government in Sabah.

Aziz had previously claimed the absence of some two dozen Sabah assemblymen at a recent show of support for Chief Minister Shafie Apdal by several leaders from the state coalition was a sign that the Warisan leader’s position as chief minister is shaky.

Aziz also said it was an indication of what was to come in Sabah, which has remained with Warisan and its Pakatan Harapan allies, even as the coalition crumbled in Putrajaya last February.

To this, Azis said Umno’s attempt to play up the so-called dissatisfaction among assemblymen was superficial, adding that this was only meant to confuse the people.

Ghazalie, who also blasted Warisan deputy youth chief Mohd Ismail Ayub, said Warisan leaders should be aware that what was suggested by Sabah Umno was a possibility.

He contended this possibility was further fuelled by the weaknesses of those administering the state, including the chief minister.

“Talk is that the elected reps are firmly behind their leader — are they? The tree will not shake if no one is doing the shaking.

“So my advice to Azis and Ismail is to look in the mirror first before you talk.”

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