Court mediation can now be conducted online

The chief registrar of the Federal Court says online mediation can be used as an alternative to the procedure at the Court Mediation Centre.

PUTRAJAYA: Mediation in court can now be done online without the presence of the parties involved.

This followed an initiative by the Malaysian judiciary in ensuring access to justice for all levels of society in line with the new normal practised today.

A statement by the office of the chief registrar of the Federal Court said online mediation is an alternative to the mediation conducted at the Court Mediation Centre.

“There is no change in procedure for online mediation and mediation at the Court Mediation Centre, except that the mode of communication is different, whereby the online mediation sessions can be conducted using communication mediums through applications approved by parties, such as Skype or Zoom,” it said.

The office said it has issued the procedures for online mediation as well as mediation at the centre to make it easier for the public to understand the procedures.

The pre-mediation, mediation and post-mediation processes are explained in the procedures.

The infographic on the procedures can be accessed at the Malaysian Judiciary official portal.

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