Frogs can spoil it for Warisan, warns Guan Eng

Lim Guan Eng campaigning for Warisan in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

GEORGE TOWN: DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng has warned of the possibility that money politics will spoil the incumbent Warisan government’s “good chance” of winning the Sabah election.

Speaking to FMT, he said he saw no reason for voters to reject Warisan Plus but was worried by the threat of vote buying.

He urged Sabahans to vote overwhelmingly for the coalition to show that they reject “katak politics”.

“Sabah has the opportunity to set an example for the rest of the country,” he said.

He also spoke of the possibility of a low turnout of voters because “the playing up of Covid-19 fears” might discourage out-of-state voters from returning to Sabah to cast their ballots.

He claimed that such voters gave Warisan an edge in the 2018 polls.

He said Warisan Plus was counting on an electorate that would punish politicians who switch parties for money or position.

“The state has a more educated population and people wanting to exert their rights. I think this is where you will see Sabahans boldly taking the step to initiate a wave against katak politics.”

He claimed that there was a “general cheer” from Sabahans when snap polls were called by incumbent chief minister Shafie Apdal to prevent the installation of a “backdoor government”.

“If we win in Sabah, it will bring a fresh wave of renewed hope and vigour to reclaim our mandate from racists and extremists running the federal government today.”

He said he was optimistic about a win since the opposition parties appeared to be engaged in infighting over the candidate for chief minister.

“We trust Warisan and our partners in Warisan Plus,” he said. “We support, cooperate and we don’t confront each other, unlike Barisan Nasional and PN, who are fighting about who’s going to be CM.”

Lim praised Shafie as a man of principles for wanting to return the mandate to the people. He claimed the decision had the support of voters, “even in the interior, which has been a weakness for Shafie”.

He said Sabahans essentially had to decide whether it is money politics or people’s power that should rule.

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