PPBM can’t punch above its weight

The political situation is in shambles. That is why we are saddled with endless problems.

All political parties have huge ambitions that are not grounded in reality. They can’t see the dichotomy between yearning for power and their own baloney.

First, we have Umno now crying foul at not being treated as an equal partner in Perikatan Nasional (PN). Not only have they not been given the number of Cabinet posts based on proportion, but the posts given to them are now also deemed unimportant.

It is obvious Umno has quickly and conveniently forgotten who they were just two weeks ago. Look, they had been booted out of power and were supposed to be in opposition for five years. But in less than two years, they are back in power.

Having established a “beachhead”, they are now not satisfied. They now want to go back to the pre-14th general election days when the party held sway.

Second, Pakatan Harapan (PH) broke up because PPBM could not have its way in the coalition. I wonder what has made them think that they can do more in PN.

Here, we see a mosquito party given a lifeline based on defections but which now wants to constantly punch above its weight. When will the party learn that it is political parties that control the government of the day, not vice versa?

If PPBM was in conflict with PKR and DAP in PH, I just can’t see why the same conflict between PPBM and the rest in PN will not happen soon. The minority simply can’t control the majority. Even strongman Dr Mahathir Mohamad couldn’t do that for long.

Third, to survive, perhaps PPBM may want to do a “PKR” on Umno. Get Umno divided just like the way they broke up PKR earlier through Azmin Ali.

The challenge now is to look for the next “Azmin Ali” in Umno. This may be a little difficult given the fact that many in Umno have already defected to PPBM earlier. There is nothing much left for PPBM to dissect Umno further.

As I see it, water must eventually find its own level. Ultimately, this is a fight between a multiracial and progressive Malaysia, led by PKR and enlightened Malay leaders, against a race-based conservative Malaysia led by Muafakat Nasional, consisting of Umno and PAS.

PPBM can’t be a referee in this game.

TK Chua is an FMT reader.

The views expressed are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of FMT.