Bella, the Maltese Shih Tzu who only has eyes for daddy

Bella is a 13-year-old Maltese Shih Tzu, who loves her daddy to bits.

Bella might be getting on in years, but this Maltese Shih Tzu can easily be mistaken for a young pup. Still sporting a lush and richly-coloured coat, Bella is every bit the beauty she was when she first strolled into Jessica Tham’s home 13 years ago.

A generally loving and playful girl, Bella is understandably less playful these days, preferring instead to spend quiet moments with her most favourite human in the whole world – her daddy.

Yes, it is confirmed that daddy can do no wrong in Bella’s eyes, and she loves hanging out with him the most, spending quality father-daughter time every chance she gets.

Bella, seen here with her sister Boo.

Like her fur-siblings Boo the Westie and Bailey the mix-breed, Bella too has a quirky character trait that nobody quite understands.

She likes to lick and scratch herself, which is normal for many dogs, but Bella takes it to a new level by licking and scratching even the floor around her and the walls. It’s something that’s left everyone stumped.

Bella is also a rather finicky eater, preferring variety in her diet. Feed her the same old brand of kibbles and she’ll go on a hunger strike. She does however like canned food and carrots, and laps up milk with gusto.

Bella and Boo have cushions with their images on the cover.

She may look all girlish and timid, but Bella is “paws” down the most fearless of her fur-siblings. Nothing scares her – not a raging thunderstorm, the howling winds or a visit to the vet. Jessica believes it’s because Bella has a huge heart brimming with love for everyone and life itself.

(L-R) Bella, Boo and Bailey – the three beautiful sisters who make Jessica’s house a home.

A smart girl, Bella knows how to “sit”, “stay”, “come” and “paw” and will obediently oblige when she hears the commands.

She’s not particularly friendly by nature, Jessica says, and quite “neutral” towards most humans but will turn to mush at the sight of daddy.

Although Bella has her own pillow on which to sleep, one can find this beautiful fur ball stretched out like butter on toast, all over the house as well as on Jessica’s bed and the living room sofa.

Jessica and her husband with their happy band of pooches.

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