Guan Eng’s bail should have come from court cases won

Lim Guan Eng

GEORGE TOWN: Embattled Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng should have posted bail on his own since he has won a string of civil suits before, Gerakan State Liaison Committee Member Lee Boon Ten said.

Lee also questioned the need for donations from the public when the bail amount would be returned if Lim appeared for all the required court hearings.

“Lim should personally contribute to the bail as he has won many civil suits, receiving awards of substantial sums from the courts before this.

“Why attempt to squeeze hard-earned money from the public?

“Since DAP is capable of paying the full lump sum of bail, why still attempt to exploit the sweat and tears of the people?” Lee, who contested the Batu Lanchang state seat in the last general election, said in a statement today.

Lim has sued many newspapers and personalities who had slandered him and has won a majority of the cases before.

Today, Penang DAP declared it had received RM1,009,000, barely 24 hours after launching a donation campaign to restore “party liquid funds” used to bail out Lim.

Lim pleaded not guilty to charges of abuse of power, using his position to purchase a bungalow below market value. He was also accused of changing the land use of an agricultural plot to benefit his former landlord’s company.

He had said it was an “above-board, arm’s length” transaction without any favours in return.

Meanwhile, Lee added that it would be more appropriate for the DAP to request for donations from its own elected representatives.

“If it is not enough, then request from the party members, and lastly from the Pakatan Harapan leaders and their elected representatives nationwide.”

Lee, who is a lawyer, reminded the public that the bail money can be refunded following the completion of the trial.

“We have no right to stop the public from donating willingly to the fund.

“But we urge the public not to be misled by the donation request. It is merely a political gimmick,” he said.