Burger row: Can’t you see the word pork? says Ti

Ti Lian KerPETALING JAYA: An MCA leader, pointing out the word pork in “P.Ramly” burger advertisements, has accused state religious authorities of attempting to interfere with the rights of non-Muslims with threats of action against the fast-food outlet Ninja Joe.

Ti Lian Ker, head of the MCA’s religious harmony bureau, said Ninja Joe should not be blamed if passers-by did not understand that the “P.Ramly” burger contained pork.

“The word ‘pork’ was conspicuously written beneath the word ‘P.Ramly burger’, hence how could anyone be confused as to which animal is being referred to?” he said in a report by Malay Mail Online.

If a diner or passerby could see the words ‘P.Ramly burger’ but not the word ‘pork’ written below “whose fault should it be?” he said.

Ti said passers-by could only be “confused” if they were illiterate or did not read English, or did not know that pork meant meat from pigs.

The Islamic religious departments of Selangor and Negeri Sembilan said last week that Ninja Joe would be investigated for supposedly confusing Muslims. Officials are reported to have taken several items from the shop.

The two departments have said they have powers under trade description rules to inspect any business premises even if they belonged to non-Muslims.

But Ti said the jurisdiction of state religious authorities was limited to Muslims and they should not interfere with the constitutional rights and practices of non-Muslims.