No conspiracy but PM ambition is natural, says Mukhriz


KUALA LUMPUR: Mukhriz Mahathir today admitted that it was natural for him as a politician to climb the political ladder including to become the prime minister but only through the proper way, the PPBM deputy president told the High Court today.

“Everyone who joins politics has the intention to hold the top post, which is the prime minister.

“But the intention must be sincere because as prime minister, he has to carry a big responsibility,” he said in his witness statement for his defamation suit against former DAP vice-chairman Tunku Aziz Tunku Ibrahim.

Tunku Aziz had claimed there was a “secret pact” between Mukhriz, his father Dr Mahathir Mohamad and DAP stalwart Lim Kit Siang, to push Mukhriz as prime minister if the opposition took over the federal government.

He said even if he had prime ministerial ambition, there was no conspiracy as claimed by Tunku Aziz.

The former Kedah menteri besar added that Pakatan Harapan had already confirmed Mahathir as the coalition’s prime ministerial candidate.

“Where did Tunku Aziz get his information that I and Kit Siang will be prime minister and deputy in making?” he asked.

Mukhriz is suing Tunku Aziz over two press statements last year, in which he claimed there was a “secret pact” to push Mukhriz and Lim as prime minister and the deputy.

Mukhriz is seeking damages as well as an apology from Tunku Aziz.

The trial will resume on Jan 18 before judge Nordin Hassan.

Tunku Aziz was represented by counsel Jaharberdeen Mohamad Yunoos, while Mukhriz was represented by Haniff Khatri Abdulla and Ilyanie Noor Khuszairy.