What meeting, DAP and Amanah in the dark over Azmin’s claim

Izham-Hashim-pua-azmin-1PETALING JAYA: Amanah and DAP today said they were not aware of any state seat negotiations with Mohamed Azmin Ali, after the Selangor menteri besar said four such meetings were held with Pakatan Harapan (PH) partners where 80% of the seats were decided.

Instead, Selangor Amanah chief Izham Hashim said they were only invited to discuss the coalition’s election strategy.

“We were mandated to attend the meeting to discuss on elections strategies including machinery. Not seat negotiations,” he told FMT today.

He said requests for a special committee to discuss the seat allocation had been ignored by Azmin.

“We wrote in black and white for a special meeting on the matter. But they did not call for a meeting,” he said, adding that Amanah had requested for a special committee during meetings to discuss the coalition’s election machinery.

Izham denied a claim by Azmin who today questioned Amanah for saying that there had not been meetings over seat allocation among PH partners.

But Izham said DAP too had voiced similar concerns.

Selangor DAP chairman Tony Pua, when contacted, said he was not aware that 80% of seats had been decided as claimed by Azmin.

Pua also said his party attended four meetings by the election committee chaired by PKR’s Sri Andalas assemblyman Xavier Jeyakumar, but not for seat negotiations.

“This is because the committee members would be different,” he told FMT, adding that Azmin should convene a meeting to solve the matter.

Azmin had earlier dismissed the need for a special committee to discuss seat allocation.

The PKR deputy president also denied there was a deadline for the talks, as stated by Amanah’s Dzulkefly Ahmad.

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