As seat negotiations heat up, Selangor DAP’s Ronnie Liu lashes out at Azmin


PETALING JAYA: Selangor DAP leader Ronnie Liu’s social media outburst at PKR deputy president Azmin Ali has prompted some PKR leaders to call for restraint in comments being aired over tense seat negotiations among the coalition’s parties.

The move by Liu, a former state executive councillor, to lash out at Azmin came just a day after Selangor Amanah chairman Izham Hashim had also criticised the menteri besar and state PH chairman on the matter.

In a Facebook posting yesterday, Liu, who is a Selangor DAP committee member, took Azmin to task for accusing Amanah of lying, telling him to stop playing politics and being selfish.

“Amanah is not honest? Amanah was lying? Come on MB Min (Azmin),” Liu wrote.

“Stop thinking that the rest of us, including Tun M (Dr Mahathir Mohamad) are stupid and you are the only one that’s clever and good in politics.

“By now everyone in Pakatan Harapan (PH) knows who you are. To me you have failed miserably. You are not fit to be our state chairman.”

PH’s Selangor election committee director Xavier Jayakumar said Liu, a former Pandamaran state rep, should not make such a statement.

“I will give him a call,” said Xavier, who is PKR’s Seri Andalas assemblyman.

PKR Youth vice-president Razlan Jalaludin said he did not want to entertain Liu’s comments.

“To me, the issue should be resolved amicably and there is no need to publicise it,” said the Kota Damansara coordinator for PKR.

“PH leaders should be peacemakers and not make the situation worse,” he said.

Yesterday, Azmin had said that the negotiations over seats among the components should not be bought up again, expressing confidence that the issue would be resolved soon.

Former prime minister Mahathir, who is chairman of PH and PPBM, also cautioned yesterday that the public spat would only give the opposition pact bad publicity.

On Friday, Izham had said that Selangor Amanah was not aware of any state seat negotiations with Azmin, in response to the menteri besar claiming that four meetings on the matter were held where 80% of the seats were decided.

“We were mandated to attend the meetings to discuss election strategies, including machinery. Not seat negotiations,” Izham said.

He said requests for a special committee to discuss the seat allocations had been ignored by Azmin.

Selangor DAP chairman Tony Pua also said he did not know that 80% of seats had been decided.

He said DAP attended four meetings by the election committee chaired by Xavier and they were not on seat negotiations.

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