Afif leaves a lingering scent of hope for Seberang Jaya

Dr Afif Bahardin’s gift of perfume to his constituents: a reminder of “Keadilan Harapan Malaysia”.

GEORGE TOWN: A PKR leader here has a different way of making an impression; by giving his constituents the light, fresh scent of hope and justice, or “Keadilan Harapan Malaysia”.

Dr Afif Bahardin, who is PKR national deputy youth chief, is rumoured to be going to Selangor to contest the general election.

To say thank you to his constituents in mainland Seberang Jaya, which he represented for five years, Dr Afif handed out tiny bottles of roll-on alcohol-free perfume.

Afif said he had ordered 1,000 boxes of the perfume, which was made from green rose extracts formulated by himself and “international perfume experts”.

Called “Keadilan Harapan Malaysia”, the perfume has a light, fresh scent and comes in a bottle bearing the PKR symbol.

The perfume bottle has a PKR logo emblazoned on it.

“It is an appreciation gift to my voters for their support in the last five years,” he said when met in Komtar today. He is a Penang state executive councillor.

Afif’s aide said most of the perfumes were handed out to the congregation at Seberang Jaya Mosque after prayers.

In the 2013 general election, Afif won in Seberang Jaya, coming ahead of Barisan Nasional’s Mohammad Nasir Abdullah by 2,459 votes.

Afif would not respond to whether he would seek re-election in Seberang Jaya and also refused to comment on rumours of a move to his former home base of Selangor.

He said the party would decide on his candidacy. In the meantime, he would focus on preparing the party’s Seberang Jaya election machinery. “My concern now is to get outstation voters to return home to vote. We need a good turnout like in the last election,” Afif said.

Seberang Jaya lies in the Permatang Pauh parliamentary constituency, together with Penanti and Permatang Pasir. Penanti was won by PKR and Permatang Pasir by PAS in 2013.

Afif said the strong PAS grip on Permatang Pasir would be hard to break, but he was confident that the national sentiment would prevail in ensuring a Pakatan Harapan victory.

“In the past few elections, we worked closely with PAS, but we never really depended fully on their grassroots as our election machinery in Permatang Pauh is strong. This is, anyhow, a PKR stronghold,” he said.

The bigger challenge was to beat the heavily-financed BN campaign in Permatang Pauh.

“All I can say to Permatang Pauh voters is their favourite leader Anwar Ibrahim will be released from prison on June 8, and voting for PKR will be a way to welcome him back. I trust the wisdom of Permatang Pauh voters to vote for a ‘Malaysia Baru,” he said.

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