Salleh confident Kota Belud voters will stay with BN

Salleh Said Keruak says BN had ensured consistent development in the Kota Belud constituency.

KOTA KINABALU: Barisan Nasional’s (BN) candidate in Kota Belud, Salleh Said Keruak, is confident the constituents will continue to support the coalition, thanks to the good work done by incumbent Abdul Rahman Dahlan.

Salleh was among the candidates announced by Sabah BN chairman Musa Aman here today.

He is the incumbent assemblyman for Usukan, which, along with Tempasuk and Kadamaian, sit within the Kota Belud parliamentary constituency.

Rahman will stand in the Sepanggar parliamentary constituency.

Musbah Jamli will defend his Tempasuk seat, Kota Belud Upko division chief Ewon Benedict will contest in Kadamaian and former Usukan assemblyman Japlin Akim will make a comeback in the constituency.

“I’m confident the majority of voters are with us because we have ensured consistent development in the area,” Salleh told FMT.

“We’re happy that the previous representative in Kota Belud, Rahman Dahlan, has done a good job here.

“What’s important is to continue the work and to give the best service to the people.

“I’ll work hard with our partners to ensure the parliamentary constituency of Kota Belud remains with BN.”

Salleh resigned as Sabah state assembly speaker in July 2015 to accept his new post as communications and multimedia minister in the federal Cabinet after being sworn in as a senator.

Salleh won the Usukan seat in the last election with an overwhelming 10,879 votes, 6,812 votes more than PKR’s candidate Mustapha Sakmud.

Musbah won his seat also with a comfortable margin while Kadamaian went to PKR’s Jeremy Malajad, who in 2013 left the opposition party to become an independent assemblyman.

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