Jamal to Umno Youth: Choose bold leader

Umno Youth chief aspirant Jamal Yunos says a candidate for the post must not be afraid of his wife and must not cheat on her.

PETALING JAYA: “Fugitive” Jamal Md Yunos has suggested that he has the “goods” to be Umno’s Youth chief as shown by his ability to evade the “radar” of authorities in search of him.

“An Umno Youth chief candidate should not just talk much but must be courageous on the field.

“Do not be afraid of being caught, put on remand and being charged,” the Sungai Besar Umno chief said.

He said he was not worried about being under pressure at this time, but was proud of himself as he remained free despite being hunted by the police.

“Numerous charges do not even worry (me). Till now (I) cannot be detected and have been lying low below the radar,” he said in a video recording released today.

“This is how you become a leader. Even though surrounded and remanded, you can slip away.”

Jamal, who was confirmed as one of nine contenders for the wing’s top post, also said a candidate vying for the seat must be bold and not be a coward.

“To be the head, you must be brave. To be the Youth chief, you must have ‘umph’.

“Don’t be a coward. Don’t be limp. Don’t be lethargic.

“Other than that, if you want to be Youth chief, don’t be scared of your wife, but love your wife.

“Don’t cheat on your wife.”

The police issued a warrant of arrest against Jamal after he vanished from the Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital, where he was receiving treatment for back pain, a few hours after he was charged there before a magistrate on May 25.

He had pleaded not guilty to three charges and was allowed bail of RM3,000 for each of the offences.

On June 8, his lawyer, Imran Tamrin, said Jamal, who is speculated to have escaped to Indonesia, could not be contacted by him and family members.

Jamal also reminded the Youth delegates who will be voting not to choose the wrong candidate.

“The upcoming term will be most challenging. Do not choose a chief who is no better than the previous chief. A leader has to be brave,”

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