Orang Asli rebuild destroyed barricade in Gua Musang

GUA MUSANG: The Orang Asli community in Gua Musang has rebuilt one of the three barricades that had been demolished by the Kelantan Forestry Department (JPNK) and the state Land and Mines Department (PTG) on Monday.

Jaringan Kampung Orang Asli Kelantan chairman Mustafa Along said the community had rebuilt the barricade at Kampung Cawas, Pos Bihai, while the other two in Kampung Depak, Pos Tohoi, and Kampung Kuala Wok, Pos Pasik, would be reconstructed in the near future.

“The Orang Asli community will continue to monitor the new barricade in Kampung Cawas and at the two other villages to prevent illegal logging and agricultural activities in our villages,” he told reporters at Kampung Cawas here today.

Mustafa said the barricades would continue as long as the issue of customary land claims were not resolved by the Kelantan state government.

On Monday, the operations to demolish the barricades were carried out by 200 JPNK and PTG staff.

It was supervised by 234 General Operations Force and police personnel to avoid any untoward incidents.