Former telco CEO threatens to sue Star over molest claims

Former telco CEO Jason Lo. (Facebook pic)

PETALING JAYA: Former telco CEO Jason Lo today threatened legal action against The Star over an exposé claiming he had “molested and outraged the modesty” of his children.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Lo slammed the English daily for “indecently and irresponsibly” printing a front-page story which he said had omitted key facts.

He said the journalists who wrote the article, together with the editors, legal team, CEO and shareholders who had propagated the reporters’ “absolute disgrace to the profession” would have to answer according to the country’s laws.

“I am a father and I hold you accountable for your irresponsible actions and am ready to break the wheel.

“You have my attention,” wrote the musician, who is speaking out for the first time since the expose, as well as reports of his arrest for allegedly trespassing on his ex-wife’s house.

The father of three also uploaded screenshots of his chat history with the journalist who had contacted him for comments.

The Star on Saturday ran a story claiming that Lo had molested his children based on police reports filed by his wife who made the allegations.

The daily also reported, based on a counselling session which was recorded on video, what Lo purportedly did to his children.

However, Lo questioned The Star’s motive for reporting the matter, saying it was unacceptable to “mess with his kids” after what his family had gone through.

“They have already been bombarded with new friend requests by the hundreds and they are at an age where kids can read the front page and be cruel.

“Are you a court of law now? This is the most dangerous thing I have ever seen done by anyone.”

Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador said 17 to 18 reports had been lodged since 2013.

He said the claims of molestation were previously classified as NFA or no further action due to a lack of evidence.

“But investigations are ongoing on reports that he trespassed and blackmailed his wife,” he added.

“The NFA claims have also been under review since last week.”