Kapar PKR lodges police report against PM over use of ‘pariah’

The prime minister’s recent use of the word ‘pariah’ did not sit well with several PKR members in Kapar.

PETALING JAYA: Several Kapar PKR members lodged a police report last night against Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad for using the word “pariah”, when commenting on Lynas Corporation.

In the report sighted by FMT, V Maneyvannan lodged the report at the Sungai Kapar police station, alleging the use of the word had hurt the feelings of the Indian community, and slammed Mahathir over the usage of the word.

Maneyvannan and three others demanded that Mahathir publicly apologise to all Malaysians.

They are also urging the inspector-general of police and the home ministry to take appropriate action immediately.

When contacted, Maneyvannan said that Mahathir should not have used such a word.

“Because if he does, other groups will use it too,” he said, although he was aware that in the dictionary the word was used to describe an outcast.

Maneyvannan also claimed that the usage of the word implied that Malaysia still practised a caste system, suggesting that “pariah” was the equivalent to “dalit”. “Dalits” are the lowest member of the caste system in India.

“Malaysians want a casteless society,” he said.

Yesterday, Mahathir said that Lynas Corporation could not be asked to leave the country “like a pariah” as this would jeopardise future investments in Malaysia.

“If we treat Lynas like a pariah and ask them to leave this country, we won’t be able to get other people to come and invest,” he told reporters when asked about claims by critics of the rare earths miner that its licence was renewed due to his close ties with the Japanese government.

In 2011, the word “pariah” sparked an outcry after it was used in a book titled “Interlok”.

FMT is reaching out to Selangor police for further comment.