Principal accused of sexual grooming removed from school

Deputy Education Minister Teo Nie Ching says her ministry has a duty to make sure that schools are a safe place for children.

KULAI: An award-winning school principal in the state accused of sexually grooming a student has been “removed” from the school.

Deputy Education Minister Teo Nie Ching said he had been placed at a district education office while investigations are carried out by the ministry.

She said the action was taken to ensure the suspect did not disturb the victim or the other students during the investigation.

“I would like to emphasise here that the education ministry takes such allegations seriously and has to make sure schools are a safe place for children.

“I urge anyone with information, not just on this case but other cases, to report them immediately.

“We do not want any cover-ups,” she said after attending the presentation of school aid to 40 B40 low-income students by SWM Environment Sdn Bhd at Sekolah Murni Jaya.

Teo was commenting on reports that a secondary school principal, who recently received an outstanding award in Johor Bahru, had been allegedly involved in the sexual grooming of a male student.

Last Thursday, it was reported that the Johor Education Department was investigating the allegations after an activist exposed the matter on social media.

Other than being accused of sexually grooming the male student, the principal was also alleged to have sent obscene messages to students, which have since gone viral on social media.

Teo said the ministry could take disciplinary and legal action if the principal was found guilty.

However, according to information, the victim has yet to lodge a police report, Teo said.

“The information I received last weekend indicated there was no police report. I hope the victim will lodge a police report,” she said.