Time for Plan B to ensure Anwar is PM, says PKR man

PKR treasurer William Leong (centre) listens to fellow speaker, former Kapar MP G Manivannan (left) at the Kupasan Politik Semasa forum today. At right is author Shahbudin Husin.

SUNGAI BULOH: With uncertainty lingering over PKR president Anwar Ibrahim’s propects of becoming prime minister, a senior PKR member has called for Plan B to ensure he takes power, as well as a return to the Reformasi spirit that followed his sacking from the government in 1997.

The reformasi movement led to mass protests against Dr Mahathir Mohamad who was also prime minister then.

At a current affairs forum today, PKR treasurer William Leong said the time has come to execute “Plan B” to ensure that Anwar is made the next prime minister.

“The voice of the people is important. We want their views as it would pressure the government to get back on the right track.

“We have taken to the streets before. But I’m not asking them to go to the ground, but we want that sort of determination,” he said at the Kupasan Politik Semasa forum organised by Gerakan Reformasi Perform.

PKR treasurer William Leong.

Leong’s remarks come in the midst of moves to shore up support for Mahathir to complete his full term of office.However, under a deal struck before the 2018 general election, Anwar was to succeed Mahathir at an unspecified date after the coalition took power.

Leong, who is MP for Selayang, said current events showed that Mahathir had not changed his “dictatorial” ways although the people, including PKR members, had given Mahathir a chance to show that he is a changed person, especially in his refusal to set a date for the handover.

Leong also accused Mahathir’s administration of tyranny for failing to fulfil Pakatan Harapan election pledges, among them the abolition of laws such as the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012 or Sosma.

Referring to reports of statutory declarations being made in support of Mahathir completing his term, he said such action by Pakatan Harapan MPs was treacherous.

“If this happens, the PH government will be destroyed and will be a one-term administration,” he said.