PM hired me, PM will decide whether to fire me, says ex-Umno man on Sabah remarks

Rural and Regional Development Minister Abd Latiff Ahmad.

PUTRAJAYA: Rural and Regional Development Minister Abd Latiff Ahmad today brushed off calls by Umno leaders for him to resign over remarks seen as critical of the party in Sabah, saying any decision on the matter will be up to Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin.

“It is up to the prime minister,” he told reporters after the monthly assembly meeting with civil servants at his ministry here.

“He was the one who appointed me.”

Latiff, who is Mersing MP, made the remarks at a forum, a video of which went viral.

“People in Sabah don’t call it jumping, they call it migrating. From Berjaya to PBS, PBS to Umno,” said Latiff, who crossed over from Umno to PPBM in 2019.

“Now Umno is not popular. Umno I mean is Umno in Sabah. That is the reality because (people) are not confident. All those who have jumped have migrated to PPBM.”

Umno Youth leader Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki was among those who called for Latiff’s resignation over the matter.

However, Latiff said he had already apologised for his remarks, adding that there was no need for him to meet with Asyraf about the issue as the latter had no authority over him.

“Why should I meet an Umno Youth exco?” he said. “My officer is a Youth exco. The officer was recommended by Asyraf Wajdi to sit in my ministry.

“Why should I meet him? He is not my president. Do I need to see Umno Youth? What does this ministry have to do with Umno Youth?”

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