Extend increased welfare aid to B40 group and pensioners, says MTUC

Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin says he will propose raising the monthly welfare payment to RM1,000 at the next Cabinet meeting.

PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC) has welcomed Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s announcement on raising the monthly social welfare aid from RM200-RM300 presently to RM1,000, but says the increase must be extended to other B40 earners and Socso pensioners.

MTUC secretary-general J Solomon said the move was timely and hoped it would be approved by the Cabinet.

However, he said Socso pensioners “should be entitled for this aid permanently” and that those in the B40 group earning less than RM4,000 a month should be temporarily offered such assistance.

“The B40 workers can be assisted with this special aid monthly until the Covid-19 pandemic is declared under control and a vaccine is found,” he said in a statement today.

Soloman said Muhyiddin’s comments were a “tacit admission that the current minimum wage of RM1,200 a month is obsolete”, and hoped the aid reform could be made swiftly as it did not require new laws to be passed.

“Malaysians would be watching tomorrow to see if the PM’s meaningful suggestion will get the nod of all Cabinet ministers and, hopefully, implemented as soon as possible, although on a broader scale to help those stuck in the B40 group,” he said.

Muhyiddin said on Saturday he would propose boosting the monthly welfare payment at the next Cabinet meeting.

“What is important is the livelihood of our people in the B40 group. They have suffered for a long time,” he said.