Why wasn’t Rafizi at the meeting of PH heads?

Dr Mahathir announcing the appointment of the heads of DAP, PPBM and Amanah as senior ministers on Saturday. (Facebook Pic)

We the rakyat are very disappointed in Rafizi Ramli’s latest outburst PKR questions Dr M for naming top posts. I had so much respect for Rafizi and never missed even one of his ‘ceramahs’.

It is Rafizi’s style to be transparent, but washing dirty linen in public a little over 48 hours of the Pakatan Harapan coalition coming into power is uncalled for and unbecoming of him.

I agree Rafizi had a large part in galvanising the public into making the right decision of bringing Pakatan Harapan into power.

Let me remind Rafizi that if it wasn’t for Tun Mahathir, we would not have got the victory we did and rightfully deserve. Rafizi should remember that Tun Mahathir has been in politics for longer than Rafizi’s 40 years of life

Tun Mahathir became politically active after the Japanese occupation of Malaya. As Prime Minister of 22 years in his first inning, he was responsible for forming and having executive control over six cabinets. Having experience spanning over seven decades under his belt, he is more than capable of forming a competent government that will serve its people proficiently.

My question for Rafizi is: why was no PKR member present at the meeting of heads of PH parties?

Tun M, in his press conference on May 11 had informed all of Malaysia that there would be a Presidential Council meeting held the next day (May 12).

We understand that Deputy PM Wan Azizah may have been busy with procedures that involved her husband’s royal pardon. Rafizi, being Vice-President of PKR should have represented his party at the meeting. He had no business staying out and accusing the rest of zeroing in on the appointment of the three heads.

Rafizi should be reminded that we as a people have gone through a harrowing experience with the previous government, and we can’t wait to move on with our lives. We can’t have a country without a strong and imposing presence.

No one could dare to achieve what Tun has. In these couple of days in office, he has locked horns with the top brass, and we are pleased to see dishonest and manipulative heads roll. I do believe even DSAI (Anwar Ibrahim) would have been bullied if he were to challenge the ‘Bigwigs’.

From being revered while in office, to being shunned in retirement, and finally being mocked by his critics when he decided to right all his wrongs, you can’t deny it takes a heart, mind and body of steel to achieve what Tun Mahathir has in his lifetime.

Tun’s experience and age (he is probably one of the oldest men alive in Malaysia) warrants respect and being heeded to. It is this very experience and age that makes him self-assured, and we the rakyat bask in his confidence.

Dr Vijay is an FMT reader.

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