Meet Siti Nuryipyip Abdullah, the kitty looking for Mr Right

Nine-month-old Siti Nuryipyip has the most beautiful, sleek fur and the biggest doe eyes.

Wait what? Her name is Siti Nuryipyip Abdullah? Her human dad Hakim shrugs and smiles. He explains that her comical name was actually borrowed from the animated television series, Avatar: The Last Airbender.

He says one of the beloved characters in that series is a flying bison called Appa. This animal can be summoned with the words “yip yip” and Hakim found himself drawn to it.

He felt that “yip yip” would be the perfect name for a little black cat he adopted shortly after, one with the most adorable innocent-looking eyes.

He added the names “Siti Nur” because she is female and “Abdullah” because he has no clue who her father is.

Life with the nine-month-old Siti Nuryipyip has been quite an experience and Hakim dotes on her no end. He’s also noticed that Siti Nuryipyip has developed quite a rounded tummy so he sometimes calls her Chonky.

In fact, she has gotten so fluffy and chunky, he’s noticed that she cannot run as gracefully or as swiftly as other cats her age.

A naturally curious kitty, Siti Nuryipyip plays with anything in sight – and that includes lighted bulbs.

She’s also somewhat averse to physical activity of any kind and requires a fair bit of coaxing before she’ll agree to move a muscle.

Take for instance when Hakim tries to engage her in a game of chase. When Siti Nuryipyip sees her toys hurled across the floor, she usually flashes an unamused stare at Hakim, then makes a funny grunting sound before reluctantly waddling after it.

“The view of her running in that uncoordinated manner, makes me laugh and helps put my messy life into better perspective,” Hakim says.

Besides forcing herself to amuse her dad when he brings out her toys, Siti Nuryipyip plays quite a functional role in the house – that of alarm clock.

If Hakim oversleeps, Siti Nuryipyip is quick to action, biting and nipping at him until he wakes up so he’s not late for work.

She is also rather picky about her sleeping quarters. Instead of the comfortable bed Hakim bought her, Siti Nuryipyip prefers swatting everything off the table in Hakim’s room and settling down to sleep there – never mind the mess she created on the floor.

Another favourite option is the laundry basket – it doesn’t get any more comfy that sprawling out on a soft pile of clothes.

Siti Nuryipyip perching gracefully on the rim of her litter box.

When it comes to food, Siti Nuryipyip only eats Royal Canin for kittens and turns up her nose at canned food. She also only drinks filtered Coway water, jokes Hakim, who is ever happy to oblige.

Anyone who has ever spent quality time with a cat knows their weird habits. And Siti Nuryipyip has quite a few of her own. Like sprawling across Hakim’s laptop as he’s trying to work. Or lazing on his fresh laundry.

And for entertainment, this funny cat likes catching a drama or two on the telly, sitting alongside her dad, and watching Netflix.

As she’s growing into a young lady fast, Hakim has a public service announcement to make: “I’m currently looking for a potential soulmate for Siti Nuryipyip. Sooner or later she will want a mate. Therefore I feel obligated to find a husband for her,” he says, grinning from ear to ear.

Well, you heard him folks. It’s matchmaking season – so line-up all the potential macho males and make your way to Siti Nuryipyip’s home.

Hakim loves taking Siti Nuryipyip out for her weekly walks.

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