Lulu, the Shorkie who loves to go on drives

Lulu loves snuggling up in bed at night with her mom Becky.

Lulu is a one-year-old Shorkie who lives in Mississippi with her daddy David and mom Becky, a dog groomer.

She is a cross between a Shih Tzu and a Yorkshire Terrier. Shorkies are generally small, fierce, and loyal, being a breed that has inherited some of the best qualities from both parents.

Becky initially adopted Lulu for her daughter who wanted a companion for her Yorkie. However, the two were fated to live together because Becky’s daughter called after two days saying Lulu wasn’t potty-trained and barked incessantly when left alone downstairs.

“So I wound up with a puppy after 20 years of not having one,” Becky says.

Lulu is now potty-trained and even has a doggie door so she can run outside to relieve herself without messing up the house.

“Lulu is so cute. At night, all you have to say is, ‘You wanna go nite-nite?’ and she runs out the doggie door, potties, runs back into the bedroom and dances until you pick her up and put her on the bed, where she waits patiently for her treat and her babies,” proud mom Becky says.

Lulu is also a wonderful bed fellow, Becky says, because the tiny little dog doesn’t move all night.

Lulu has her own car seat and jumps right in herself.

“She also loves to go in the car. She has a car seat that she jumps into all by herself and doesn’t get out till you tell her to,” Becky says.

“She would love to go with her daddy, who drives for F&M Trucking in North Dakota but at this point and time, she’s much safer at home on the Gulf Coast with her mom,” Becky says.

“We’re both very proud of her dad David making sure products are being delivered to pet food plants so all her friends can continue to get their favourite food.”

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