Adib’s lungs had collapsed, rib cage fractured, doctor tells inquest

Dr Nantha Kumaren.

SHAH ALAM: The doctor who treated Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim told the Coroner’s Court today the fireman’s lungs were injured and several rib bones fractured when he was brought to the hospital.

Subang Jaya Medical Centre doctor Nantha Kumaren Muthu Kerishnan said he heard cracking sounds in Adib’s rib cage when he was inspecting the unconscious fireman in the emergency unit of the hospital in the early hours of Nov 27 last year.

“His blood pressure and oxygen level were very low and my job at that time was to increase the blood pressure and oxygen level in him,” he said.

Nantha Kumaren also said Adib was “gasping for air and making incomprehensible sounds” when admitted to the hospital.

The doctor then called for an X-ray on the patient because he suspected Adib’s lungs had collapsed.

“From the X-ray image, it could be seen the patient had fractures on the second, third, fourth and fifth bones of his rib cage as well as injuries on the lungs,” he said when asked by conducting officer Zhafran Hamzah.

The doctor showed Adib’s chest X-ray image to the Coroner’s Court, explaining that the “white patches all over the lungs”meant the lungs were injured.

Asked by Zhafran if he could identify the possible cause of the lung injury, Nantha Kumaren replied: “In my opinion, it was major blunt trauma”.

The witness said his two colleagues then came to assist in resuscitating Adib.

Nantha Kumaren noted that Adib’s body and face became swollen after doctors inserted a tube into his trachea.

“The lungs were already injured and we were forcing air into him. The oxygen we gave him had escaped under his skin,” he added.

An inquest into Adib’s death was called by the government amid conflicting claims on the cause of the fireman’s death.

Adib was part of a response team sent from the Subang Jaya fire and rescue station on Nov 27 to the Subang Jaya temple riots. He died at the National Heart Institute on Dec 17.

The inquest continues.