Mohideen defends right to speak on grandnephew’s allegation

Mohideen Abdul Kader says his brother SM Mohamed Idris had been a fighter against injustice all his life.

GEORGE TOWN: Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) president Mohideen Abdul Kader today defended his right to speak on the allegation by his grandnephew that a senior politician had committed “vile” acts against him.

He also maintained that his brother, the late consumer advocate SM Mohamed Idris, was not aware of the allegation by Muhammed Yusoff Rawther.

Yusoff is the son of Mohideen’s nephew, Muhammed Ali.

Yusoff, a former researcher at Anwar Ibrahim’s office in Petaling Jaya, had identified the politician as Anwar at a press conference on Wednesday, and lodged a police report against him on Saturday.

Anwar has dismissed the claim, saying it was a ploy to tarnish his reputation and that he would lodge a police report. He also said that lawyer Ramkarpal Singh had issued a seven-day notice of demand for Yusoff to retract his claim.

Following Yusoff’s allegation, Mohideen had responded by saying that his grandnephew had been “estranged” from the family since the death of Idris in May.

He said Yusoff’s claim was unknown to any of his family members, and accused him of having “an inflated ego”.

He also questioned the timing of Yusoff’s allegation, saying the incident had purportedly taken place over a year ago.

In response, Ali said Mohideen did not represent the views of the family or to speak on its behalf.

“Mohideen is simply the brother of my late father. He is not in any way involved in Yusoff’s life and as such is completely unaware of what has happened and is going on,” he said.

Today, Mohideen said Idris would “not have kept quiet” if Yusoff had complained to him since they had been close before.

He also asked why Ali “had not confronted” Anwar when they met at Idris’ funeral in May if the allegation was true.

“Idris had been a fighter against injustice all his life. He would not have kept quiet. We would have done everything possible to ensure justice was done to Yusoff,” he said.