Petronas denies shutdown, says 18 offshore rigs in operation


(AFP pic)

KUALA LUMKUALA LUMPUR: Petronas had denied shutting down any of its offshore rigs, and said 18 rigs were in operation within Malaysian waters.

The national oil company said this in a statement today in response to a news report yesterday alleging that 14 Petronas oil rigs had been deactivated and 14 projects shut down.

It said there had been a temporary suspension of projects at some worksites because of restrictions under the movement control order implemented by the government.

Work has resumed or will be resuming soon at most of these projects upon securing the necessary approval from the government, it said.

“However, some projects will naturally be delayed due to the prolonged lockdowns implemented globally and the MCO in Malaysia, and further anticipated disruptions to the global supply chain,” it added.

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