Who’s the real winner of the political crisis?

There was always going to be only one standout winner in the recent political upheaval in our country, and that’s because somebody wanted it that way.

From the time he had greatness bestowed upon him, when all the geese that lay golden eggs were given to his ministry, to his sacking from PKR, his rise to power was unstoppable – because somebody engineered it that way.

Even when the chips were down and he was accused of being in a gay sex scandal, there was no further action as the “identity could not be ascertained”.

So his star continues to shine. For now at least. The present prime minister has announced that this hand-picked prime minister-in-waiting will chair Cabinet meetings in his absence.

Curiously though, the former prime minister who is now part of the opposition has not said anything to dampen the rise of this star in the making. He has only said that his support has waned and passing a vote of no confidence on his successor would be somewhat futile now that many of his friends have deserted him (the rising star included.) It is a good way of ensuring that the 8th prime minister survives a vote of no confidence.

Like a page out of a fairy tale book, the most outlandish statement from the present prime minister was to say that he wanted his predecessor to endorse his government and Cabinet. This, despite the fact that the very person whose approval the present prime minister seeks, sits with the opposition. I do not recall Najib Razak asking for an opposition leader’s endorsement of his government, post-GE13.

Finally, Johor, Melaka and Perak have fallen to PPBM, PAS and BN.

But not Kedah. Strange things happen in politics but what is happening now in Malaysia is reminiscent of a scene out of the television series The Twilight Zone.

GPS of Sarawak, who have poured scorn on PAS and Umno in the past, even banning some of their politicians from their shores, are now part of this enforced government. Politics makes strange bedfellows, I guess.

The victors savour their victory but a hollow one in my opinion. To the vanquished, never give up hope because hope springs eternal.

No names were mentioned here for a simple reason.

If your conscience has not left you by now or your conscience does not bug you in the manner that this whole sad episode has been played out at the expense of the “rakyat” who voted for a Pakatan Harapan government, then it matters not whether you know who I am talking about.

But if the cap fits, put it on. The Greatest Show on Earth must go on.

Clement Stanley is an FMT reader.

The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of FMT.