Darling, you are the PM, you lead, Rosmah tells Najib in MACC audio clips

An audio recording released by MACC captured Rosmah Mansor and Najib Razak talking about how to handle the 1MDB scandal. (Bernama pic)

PETALING JAYA: An audio recording released by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) today revealed a heated conversation between former prime minister Najib Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor over the former’s approach to the 1MDB scandal when news of it first broke.

Rosmah had called Najib on July 27, 2016, and after a brief greeting, she could be heard saying: “Apa cerita? (What’s up?) Can I advise you on something?”

Rosmah then told Najib to take charge of the situation, adding that he was the prime minister (at the time). “I don’t like this. Darling, you are the prime minister. You lead,” she said.

MACC chief commissioner Latheefa Koya said the call was made about a week after the US Department of Justice (DoJ) had filed a civil forfeiture suit to seize US$1 billion believed to be embezzled from 1MDB.

Rosmah also seemed unhappy over former MACC chief Abu Kassim Mohamed who had come out with several statements and took photographs with “Pak Lah” or Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, and who appeared to make Najib and Rosmah look like “villains”.

“They make it seem like he (Abu Kassim) is the hero and you are the villain. And all of these five people (in Najib’s office), can’t they see that their priority is you?” she asked Najib.

Najib calmly replied that he had already started to take action on the matter.

“I allowed Azwan to make a statement and his impact is good already,” he said.

During the press conference, Latheefa said MACC believed Najib was referring to Umno Youth vice-president, Khairul Azwan Harun.

The press conference today revealed a series of nine audio recordings implicating high-ranking government officials and foreign dignitaries from the United Arab Emirates in an alleged attempt to cover-up the 1MDB scandal.

In the same phone call, Najib told Rosmah he had already signed a letter appointing Dzulkifli Ahmad to replace Abu Kassim as MACC chief commissioner.

Dzulkifli was named the new MACC chief a few days later, on Aug 1, 2016.

Meanwhile, Rosmah told reporters in court today that her lawyers would look into the matter.

Rosmah said this after she attended her corruption case at the High Court here.

She was accused of receiving RM5 million as a bribe from Saidi Abang Samsudin, the managing director of Jepak Holdings Sdn Bhd through her aide Rizal Mansor.

Her trial will start on Feb 3.